For over two decades I have conducted a variety of unique marriage ceremonies for couples who are looking for traditional, contemporary, and highly personalized weddings.  My approach is thorough, thoughtful, and open, assured to create the ceremony of your dreams.   Long after the wedding day, you will remember your wedding ceremony.  So why give the ceremony less thought than the reception, flowers, photographer, and music?  In days past, the ceremony was the presumed prerogative of the officiant or church but weddings are collaborative these days.  Increasingly, couples are seeking their own unique expressions and content to be incorporated into their special day.

Other times, I’ve worked with couples who prefer that I take the lead, choose a ceremony, give direction and “keep things very simple.”   Whether seeking much guidance or little, a brief or more involved ceremony, I am resourceful and flexible.  If couples do not have a church, or need help with location options for their ceremony I can also help.  Having conducted over two thousand weddings over the years, you can be assured of professionalism and resourcefulness in creating a memorable ceremony.   Rest assured it’s your wedding day– not mine, and will be a reflection of your own unique style and substance.