Safe Easter Worship Service Sunday at 11:00

Westgate Baptist Church Offers a Safe Way to Celebrate Easter

Join us for a Drive-In Easter Service at 2235 Harrisburg Pike, April 12

We will broadcast our Easter service live on 90.1 FM, so you may worship from the comfort and safety of your car.   Simply pull in and park your car facing the pavilion and tune your car radio to 90.1 F.M.  There will also be external speakers set up if you prefer open air.  

David Ryan on Guitar, Anne Nye on French Horn, Guy McIntosh on Trumpet, and Amy Yovanovich leading in singing.  There will also be an Easter Message.  This will be a great opportunity to get out and enjoy an Easter service while also honoring safe social distancing.  Come on time or a little early so we can eliminate distractions once the service begins. 

No offering will be taken at the service.  The restrooms at the Pavilion will be open but we would encourage you to not need them.   We look forward to celebrating the Resurrection of our Lord in a unique but substantive way. 

Spread the Word—there is plenty of parking available! I hope to enjoy your presence, even if it is from a safe distance. 

Westgate church pavilion

Rev. Robert Zimmerman

Westgate Baptist Church

2235 Harrisburg Pike

Lancaster, PA  17601